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Registry Idea


Paper Registry Sign-up

Match yourself up with stuff you'll love. And find things for your friends and loved ones also. Read some background material about PaperMatch's Registry Idea. If you like the idea, sign up now.


Occasion: (Not that you need one, but is there a special occasion, you're registering for?)

Date: (What's the date of that special occasion? Of course, it's fair to just want something always. If so, leave this blank)

-- mm/dd/yyyyy (*)

Interests: (Check as many as apply.)

Children's (kids themselves, nursery rhymes, ABC's,  etc.)
Persons (not famous, just interesting!)
History and Politics


Care for A Bit of (Self) Promotion? (We can send you some cards with the PaperMatch Web address and phone number. Leave them in inconspicuous places-say out in the open-and let people know you'd prefer one of our presents to yet another tie or scarf. We'll even personalize the cards if you wish.)

Yes No

Any special interests? (Are there some topics you are especially interested in? We can't promise results, but we'll do our best.)


Cautions: (Any special requests? If your friends are looking for something for you, should we refrain from suggesting prints over $70? under $30? If you are particularly interested in, say, material on African American heritage, should we refrain from suggesting material which is patently offensive? These are the sorts of special cautions we are thinking of.)

Matting and Framing Preferences:

Contact Information:

First name
Last name
Middle initial
Names of Other Interested Parties
Street address
Address (cont.)
Zip/Postal code
Work Phone
Home Phone

Thanks for the information. Who knows, you may get some presents you might even like!


* Of course we're year 2000 compliant!



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