Scripture Alphabet

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This Scripture Alphabet was meant as a  teaching device, helping children to learn their alphabet and Scripture at the same time. It is printed on very poor quality paper and has many many imperfections - making it all the more interesting.

C is for Christ, who for sinners was slain

Clearly the words and pictures weren't meant for the wealthy. The pictures that accompany the alphabet text are extremely interesting: until the advent (and widespread acceptance) of color lithography, pictures in books were often hand tinted. The work was usually done by women, and for low wages. While colorings are often exquisitely detailed in other works, here we see mass produced art. Each picture was finished in three or four brush strokes.

Title Fisher & Brother's Scripture Alphabet
Author Anonymous
Illustrator Anonymous
Publisher Fisher & Brother
Date Circa 1840

These pictures are a real treasure. We discuss their hand coloring in more detail elsewhere.  

A note: We can't seem to find this material in the Library of Congress database and would appreciate any information people would have on this matter.

Size: 7 1/2" x 5 1/4"

@ US$30


A is for Adam, who was the first man, He broke God's command, and thus sin began.

B is the Book, upon which to guide us is given Tho' wrote upon earth, the words came from heaven.

C is for Christ, who for sinners was slain By him-O how freely!-salvation we gain.

D is the Dove, that was sent forth by Noah Who back to the Ark an olive-leaf bore.

E is for Elijah, whom, by the brook's side, Daily with food the wild ravens supplied.

F is for Felix, whosent Paul away, And dsigned to repent on some future day.

G is for Goliath: lo, stretched on the plain, By the sling of young David, the giant is slain.

H is for Hannah-how happy was she, Her son, Little Samuel, so holy to see!

I is for Isaac, like Jesus, he lies, Stretched out on the wood, a meek sacrifice.

J is for Joesph, who, trusting God's word, Was lifted from prison to be Egypt's lord.

K is for Korah; God's wrath he defied. And lo! to devour him the pit opened wide.

L is for Lydia: God opened her heart; What he had bestowed, 'twas her joy to impart.

M is for Mary, who fed on Christ's word; And martha, her sister, beloved by our Lord.

N is for Noah: with God for his guide, Safely he sailed o'er the billowy tide.

O is Obadiah, who, the prophets to save, Twice fifty concealed and fed in a cave.

P is for Peter, who walked on the wave, But singking he cried, Lord, I perish; O save!

Q is for Queen, who from distant lands came. Allured by the sound of King Solomon's fame.

R is for Ruth; she goes forth mid the sheaves, Gleaning the ears that the husbandman leaves.

S is for Stephen, Christ's martyr, who cried To God for his murderers-then calmly died.

T is for Timothy, taught in his youth To love and to study the Scriptures of truth.

U is for Uzziah-in rashness and pride, Profaning God's alter-a leper he did.

V is the Vine: a green branch may I be, Bearing fruit to the glory of Jesus the Tree.

W is the Widow: her two mites she gave. And trusted in God to sustain her and save.

X is the cross that our dear Savior bore: …is sorrows, and grieve him no more.

Y is the Youth, who, killed by a fall, By a miracle wrought was recoved by Paul.

Z is for Zoar, where Lot pra…It reminds me of Christ, a refu…(wording unclear)

D is the Dove, that was sent forth by Noah



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