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PaperMatch Registry - The Idea

The Story. You live in the apartment and there is one Hendrix poster on the wall.

You move to a house but the walls are pretty bare. An extra flower picture that came for free when you bought the frame.

You finally make it to your house of some dreams. You look around but there's not much on the walls.

You're contemplating a Retirement Village.

Maybe some of the kids pictures should get framed.

You're starting to feel like an old Harry Chapin song.

The PaperMatch RegistryTM is a PaperMatch solution to Wedding shower, birthday, life, and Christmas quandaries all wrapped into one.

With the PaperRegistry, PaperMatch does one better than the (occasionally popular) Bridal Registry.

A bridal registry works as follows:

Following an engagement announcement, the couple-to-be registers their preferences with assorted Bridal Registries at tall and respected stores in the Bride's home town. Typically the bride ends up with the following:

six cake plates
four flower frogs
no serving pieces whatsoever... (Various philosophers have deduced that brides must end up with this assortment.)

Depending on the price of silver, eight to ten teaspoons can also be expected, on average. The chances of a complete china place setting are slim.

Throughout the entire affair, the groom is deemed sufficiently unopinionated to be worthy of either further consideration or of gifts.

A Pattern Matching Service works as follows:

Following the nuptials, and maybe years later you decide that you always detested the cake plates, flower frogs, and 4 piece place setting of china you received at your wedding. And you spouse, based on facts-on-the-ground (and deposited by the youngsters) concludes that paper plates fit the bill better anyway. Then, while rummaging through a tag sale/garage sale/2nd hand store you come across a beautiful two piece place setting of China with the most wonderful birds you have ever seen. It's a steal at $5.00 US and you buy it at once.

It's years later now, the kids are growing up, and you think they deserve better than paper or plastic. You wish for more than the two piece place setting. Your mother - how does she know these things - puts you in touch with a pattern matching service. They find the china you love. Saucer without cup - $45.00US. Cup without saucer - $35US. You jump at the chance.

And then, there is the PaperMatch Registry

Think of our PaperMatch Registry as one part Bridal Registry, one part China Pattern Matching service.

The Registry helps you get the presents you want. Match yourself up with fascinating prints and old paper that express your interests. Stuff that you’ll actually like. We’ll register your interests—for that special event or just because you feel like it—and, where appropriate, help you let others know you’re interested too.

The Registry helps you give the presents you want. Wishing for more options than yet another cake plate for a wedding shower? Another silver spoon for another baby? Another tie for Dad’s birthday? Another lunch for Secretary’s day? We can help you here also.

What to Do

Would you like antique prints and old paper about

natural history?
interesting faces?
pretty places?

Fill out the Paper Registry form. Or if you're uncomfortable with forms, just e-mail us. 



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