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David as a Shepherd

This collection of brilliantly colored chromolithographs deal with four themes in the Hebrew Testament: The Story of Moses, The Story of King David, The Story of King Solomon and The Story of Ruth. They were originally part of a children's Bible Picture Book, and like much beautiful and inspirational material, the author and illustrator remain anonymous.

Title The Bible Picture Book
Publisher Thomas Nelson & Sons
Location London, Edinburgh and New York
Date circa 1885

Size: approx. 8 1/2" x 11" (with large margins, they frame up very well, with or without the margin displayed.)

@ US$45

The following stories are available:

The Finding of Moses

God Appearing to Moses in the Burning Bush

Moses Beholding the Idolatry of the People

Moses Striking the Rock

David as a Shepherd

Samuel Anointing David

David Returning From the Slaughter of the Philistine

On the Ark's Restoration

David Giveth a Charge to Solomon

The Judgment of Solomon

Solomon's Prayer at the Dedication of the Temple

Visit of the Queen of Sheba to King Solomon

Ruth Gleaning in the Field of Boaz

Ruth Receiving the Measure of Barley

Boaz Purchasing the Inheritance of Elimelech

Naomi Nursing Ruth's Son

The Finding of Moses





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