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Griset's Aesop


Title Aesop's Fables
Author Croxall, La Fontaine, and L'estrange
Illustrator Ernest Griset
Publisher Cassell Petter & Galpin
Publication London, Paris & New York
Date Published 1879

@ US$20

Here is what we have:

Aesop and his Fellow Servants

Aesop and the Poultry


Mercury and the Woodman

The Angler and the Little Fish

The Angler and the Salmon

The Ant and the Chrysalis

The Ants and the Grasshopper

The Ape and the Carpenter

The Ass and His Master

The Ass and the Lion hunting

The Ass Carrying an Idol

The Ass in the Lion's skin

The Bear and the Beehives

The Bear and the Fowls

The Bee and the Fly

The Beggar and his Dog

The Blind Man and the Lame man

The Boar and the Ass

The Cat and the Fox

The Cat and the Mice

The Chameleon

The Conceited Owl

The Cormorant and the Fishes

The Council of Horses

The Countryman and the Snake

The Covetous Man

The Crow and the Pitcher

The Cuckoo, the Hedge Sparrow and the Owl

The Dog and His Shadow

The Dog and the Crocodile

The Dog in the Manger

The Eagle and the Crow

The Eagle and the Fox

The Eagle and the Owl

The Eagle, the Cat, and the Sow

The Eagle, the Jackdaw and the Magpie

The Elephant and the Assembly of Animals

The Emigrant Mice

The Farmer and his Dog

The Fighting Cocks and the Turkey

The Fir Tree and the Bramble

The Fowler and the Blackbird

The Fowler and the Lark

The Fox and the Boar

The Fox and the Cock

The Fox and the Countryman

The Fox and the Crow

The Fox and the Grapes

The Fox and the Hedgehog

The Fox and the Jackdaw

The Fox and the Lion

The Fox and the Mask

The Fox and the Stork

The Fox Without a Tail

The Frog and the Fox

The Frog and the hen

The Frogs desiring a King

The Gardener and His Master

The Gnat and the Bee

The Gnat and the Bull

The Goat and the Lion

The Goatherd and the She Goat

The Goose and Swans

The Hare and Many Friends

The hare and the Tortoise

The Hawk and the Nightingale

The Hermit and the Bear

The Horse and the Lion

The Hounds in Coupes

The Hunger, the Fox, and the Tiger

The Hungry Cat and the Pigeons

The Husbandman and his Sons

The Indian and the Frenchman

The Kid and the Wolf

The Knight and his Charger

the Lark and Her Young Ones

The Leopard and the Fox

The Lion, the Bear, the Monkey, and the Fox

The Lion and the Ass

The Lion and the Echo

The Lion and the Elephant

The Lion and the Four Bulls

The Lion and the Mouse

The Lion and the Snake

The Lion, the Fox, and the Wolf

The Lion, The Tiger, and the Fox

The Litigious Cats

The Lobsters

The Locust and the Grasshopper

The Maid and the pail of Milk

The Man and His Goose

The man and his Wooden God

The Master and the Scholar

The Mastiff and the Curs

The Mastiff and the Goose

The Merry Andrew and the Countryman

The Mice and the Trap

The Miser and the Magpie

The Mocking Bird

The Monster in the Sun

The Mother, the Nurse, and the Fairy

The Mountain in Labour

The Mouse and the Weasel

The Nightingale and his Cage

The Nurse and the Wolf

The Old Hound

The Old Lion

The Old Man and Death

The Old man, his Son, and the Ass

The Old Woman and the Empty Cask

The Ostrich and the Pelican

The Owl and the Grasshopper

The Owls, the Bat, and the Sun

The Parrot

The Partial Judge

The Peacock

The Peacock and the Crane

The Peacock and the Magpie

The Plague among the Beasts

The Porcupine and the Snakes

The Rats and the Cheese

The Rope Dance

The Satyr and the Traveller

The Sea and the Rivers

The Sensible Ass

The Silkworm and the Spider

The Spaniel and the mastiff

The Sparrow and the Hare

The Spectacles

The Stag in the Ox-Stall

The Stag Looking Into the Pool

The Thief and the Dog

The Toad and the May Fly

The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse

The Traveller

The Travellers and the Bear

The Trooper and his Horse

The Two Foxes

The Two Frogs

The Two Lizards

The Two Rats

The Two Thieves and the Bear

The Two Travellers and the Oyster

The Vain Jackdaw

The Wild and Tame Geese

The Wind and the sun

The Wolf and the Crane

The Wolf and the Lamb

The Wolf and the Lamb

The Wolf and the Mastiff

The Wolf and the Shepherd

The Wolf in Disguise

The Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

The Wolf, the She-Goat and the Kid

The Wolves and the Sick Ass


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