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From the Alexander Apple to the Queen of Prairies Rose and a hundred delicacies in between.

These stunning chromolithographs were produced by Rochester Lithography and Printing, circa 1885. Originally, they most likely were part of a seed catalog. Unlike today when you might receive twenty catalogs a day without even asking, such catalogs were printed in small numbers. A person would review the available offerings and then return the catalog. The catalog would then be recycled to the next potential customer.

A number of the chromos contain a copyright notice of 1885. Some also make reference to the "Horticultural Art Journal." In addition to Rochester Lithography, some make reference to a Stechow Lithography, also of Rochester, New York. 

We've got a large number of these available: All sorts of apples, pears, grapes, roses and trees.

Here are the apples alone:

Belle DeBoskoop, Alexander, Duchess of Oldenburg, Parson's Sweet, Grimes Golden, McIntosh, Pewaukee, Yellow Transparent, Red Bietigheimer, Wolfe River, Wealthy, Hyslop, Transcendent, Martha Crab, Whitney's Siberian Crab


Size: Approximately 5" x 8". (a note on size)

@ US$45 (Dark Green standard mat, please add US$7)

Here' what is available:


Alexander (Apple)

Amelopsis Veitchii

American Elm

Arbor Vitae Pyramidalis

Baltimore Belle

Barker's Yellow Cluster (Peach)

Bartlett (Pear)

Beauty of Naples

Belle De Boskoop (Apple)

Beurre D'Anjou


Brighton (Grape)

Catalpa (Tree)

Champion Quince

Cherry Currant

Clapp's Favoirte

Clematis - Perpetual White. Henry III

Clematis Jackmanii


Coquette des Alpes (Rose)

Crawford's Early

Crawford's Late

Crested Moss

Cuthbert (Queen of thte Market) (Rasberry)

Double Altheas - Three Colors


Duchess D'Angouleme

Duchess of Oldenburg (Apple)

Early Richmond & Black Tartarian

Eaton Grape

Empire State

European Mountain Ash

Fay's Prolific (Currant)

Flemish Beauty

Gen. Jacqueminot


Golden Caroline Rasberry

Golden Queen

Govenor Wood (Cherry)

Gregg Raspberry

Grimes Golden (Apple)

Hall's Climbing Japan Honeysuckle

Houghton (Gooseberry)


Hydrangea Otaska

Hydrangea Paniculata Grandiflora

Hyslop & Transcendent (Apple)

Industry Gooseberry

Japan Lillies

Japan Quince

Johnston's Sweet Black Cap Rasberry

Kilmarnock Weeping Willow

La France

La Reine

La Versaillaise (Cherry?)




Louis Phillipe

Louis Van Houttn

Mabel Morrison Rose


Marianna Plum

Matha Crab

McIntosh (Apple)


Moore's Early

Mountain Ash

Mulberry - Downing




Orange Quince

Parson's Sweet (Apple)

Perpetual Clematis (Jackmanii)

Persain Lilac

Persian Yellow

Pewaukee (Apple)

Prince Camille De Rohan

Prunus Simonii (Apricot/Plum Hybrid)

Prunus Triloba (Double Flowering Plum)

Purple Fringe or Smoke Tree

Purple Wistaria

Queen of Prairies

Ree Bietigheimer (Apple)

Rockport Bigarreau

Russian Apricots

Salet Moss


Shipper's Pride (Plum)

Smith's Improved (Gooseberry)

SnowballSambucus Aurea (Golden Elder)


Snyder Blackberry

Spirea aurea

Spirea Prunifolia

Stanton (Cherry?)

Stump the World

Sutton Beauty (Apple)

Syringa, Golden Leaved

The New Globe Peach

Thorn - Double White


Wachusett's Thornless (Blackberry)

Wealthy (Apple)

Weeping Birch

Weigela, Variegated Leaved


White Fringe

White Grape Currant

Whitney's Siberian Crab


Wolfe River (Apple)


Yellow Egg

Yellow Sanish

Yellow Transparent (Apple)


Snyder Blackberry

Lilac A note on matting and framing: If you have a strong need for a clear border around the entire print, certain prints won't be acceptable to you. For example, this Persian Lilac lacks a comfortable border on the sides, and the top would require cropping - as you can see.

We have matted a goodly number of these in 9"x12" dark green mats, and they always look remarkable, no matter the borders. 




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