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PaperMatch - Paper Matching Services  


Paper Matching Services

Welcome! At PaperMatch we search out and find Antique Prints and other Old Paper to match your interests and passions. Jack and Jill for the nursery walls, animal prints for the cabin in the woods, fashion prints for the bedroom, luscious apples and stunning flowers for the kitchen and sunroom.

We invite you to enjoy our gallery.

Here's what we've got to offer. It's a little bit different:

PaperMatch Gallery Where the pictures start. From our Animal Menagerie, to the Kid's Corner, from Holy Land Treks, to Historical Got 'Ya's, PaperMatch travels the 17th through 19th centuries for interesting and beautiful stuff.

The Paper Registry The PaperMatch Registry TM Do you dread giving (maybe getting) yet another cake plate for the wedding shower? another silver spoon for another baby? another tie for Dad's birthday? another lunch for Secretary's day? Then match yourself up with fascinating prints and old paper. Interesting stuff that you and other folks will actually like. Visit our Paper Registry and check out our other Client Services also.

Paper Past/Paper Present PaperPast/Paper Present. From the reintroduction of the exquisite technique of hand tinting to a look at Digital Framing Techniques. From seeing some silliness in old art to using that old art to help us figure out the present.

Paper is a thing of beauty which should be seen (and framed and hung). So, turn that printer off and help us track the demise of new paper and the preservation, reinterpretation (and InterNet rejuvenation!) of old paper. The ideas start here.


Possum Network PossumNetworkTM Quite frankly, we think the best way to collect art (and the past) is when it interests you. When it's about things that you love. Interested in seeing how the paper past can come to life? Check out our up and coming web site, Possum Network. It's a bit quirky but we guarentee you'll love it. (Oh, when you click, a new Browser window will open up.)


We do hope you enjoy your visit. You can search our web site, get some help with navigating the site, order lots of stuff, and always always e-mail us with questions, objections, ideas, whatever.

Copyright 1996-2002 PaperMatch. All rights reserved. PaperMatch, PaperRegistry, Paper Menagerie, and Aesop's Corner are service marks of PaperMatch. No images may be downloaded without the written permission of PaperMatch.


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